oDAS Repeater

  • oDAS Outdoor repeater
  • oDAS Outdoor repeater
  • oDAS Outdoor repeater
oDAS Outdoor repeateroDAS Outdoor repeateroDAS Outdoor repeater

oDAS Outdoor repeater

  • - Output power:37dBm
  • - Gain:95dB
  • - Triband/dualband/single band
  • - Support up to 8 slave units
  • oDAS optical tri-band repeater for medium-to-large building mobile signal coverage.
  • RFQ

oDAS optical triband repeater

The optic repeater consist one master and slaves.

A master can be configured with a number of slaves, It provide feasible topology solution in building groups, underground railways, tunnels and airports, makes use of advantages of optical fiber including its broadband, low loss, small size, light weight, anti-electromagnetic interference.

It is commonly used in the area there are three types of mobile network, 2G/3G/4G.


  1. Framework Structure & Forced cooling
  2. Integrated with O/E &WDM module, Support Up to 8 slave units
  3. Easy set DL/UL gain via RG58 Cable
  4. Smart Automatic Level Control (ALC) to reduce interference
  5. An unique color LEDs indicates DL/UL work status



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